Travel the world.

Play lax.

Have FUN.

  2016 TRIP

                                      Dublin, Ireland

                                     Berlin, Germany

                                  Hamburg, Germany

                                       Kiel, Germany

                                                   August 2nd - 15th

                                                       Men’s Team

                                                       Ages 18 - 30

This trip will begin in Dublin, Ireland for exhibition games and sightseeing in and around the city. We will then travel to Berlin and Hamburg, Germany for additional games and touring. Then it is off to Kiel, Germany for a 3 day lacrosse tournament!


                                                                         Men - $4000


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After seven years abroad, we have a pretty good idea of how you want to spend your summer. You want a stick in your hand, but not because you're told to; not because you're trying to impress a coach or make the team. You want to play because you LOVE TO PLAY.

For that same reason you want to travel, and by travel, you don't want to take a road trip a few towns over. You want to go far away, maybe across an ocean. 

And when you're there, you want to experience everything there is to offer. You want to play alongside teammates from all over the U.S. against competition from around the globe. You want to socialize; you want to dive head first into the culture, and you want to share the red, white and blue with the rest of the world. You want to play to win, but on your own terms. You want to have FUN, and we don't mean playing checkers with your grandfather on a Friday night fun. 

What you want is the trip of a lifetime; one that is not the only great trip that you will ever take, but possibly the first of many adventures to come...